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Management coaching

Management coaching allows the manager to improve his/her interpersonal skills and create lasting change in his/her behaviour. The manager will then have all the tools to achieve his/her full potential and meet the strategic objectives of his employer.

The need for coaching arises from an immediate problem or a challenge that the manager has to overcome, a need to discuss with an impartial person, or for leadership development. Each coaching relationship is designed to meet the unique needs and specific expectations of the manager. Meetings can be adapted to his/her busy schedule, either before, during or after normal business hours.

The objective of our management coaching program is to help a performing manager to get even better. Throughout the meetings, he/she will develop new habits and continue to improve by himself/herself.

Management coaching will help:

  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Better lead and motivate your team
  • Better manage change
  • Establish priorities to achieve full potential

Our methodology

    1. Meet with the client. Collect information on the designated manager and his/her environment.

    2. A preliminary meeting with the designated manager in order to establish a relationship of trust. Validate the following aspects: Are both parties comfortable working together? Does the manager want to get involved in a process of change?

    3. The program begins with a triangulation process during which the superior, manager and coach agree on goals.

    4. Analyze critical work situations and establish an action plan. Review previous actions and get feedback from the coach.

    5. Evaluate the new work habits developed, and implement maintenance strategies.

    6. Assess activities and the results obtained in relation to the objectives.
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