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Matte Consulting Group

Depth and quality to maximize your potential for success

Since 1988, Matte Consulting Group offers professional services in executive searchand coaching. We are continually adapting our services to meet the specific needs of our clients by identifying talented executives, supporting their employees in the transition of their careers and guiding those wishing to maximize their potential, both professionally and personally.

Over the years, our personalized approach has allowed us to develop a solid and trusted relationship with our clients. Through interventions combining depth and quality, we work closely with our clients and actively participate in the development of their employees and their organization.

With seasoned expertise in consulting and management in both public and private sectors, our professionals offer advice and practical solutions tailored to resolve the ongoing challenges faced by our clients.

Our values

  • Genuine interest in the individual
  • Enduring and authentic relationships with our clients
  • Fairness and openness in our interventions
  • Adaptability of our services
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