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Career coaching

On occasion, organizations must make difficult decisions that have a significant impact on their managers and employees. By confiding to us the transition of their employees, our clients turn a negative situation into a positive one for their employees. Moreover, they demonstrate humanism and a high sense of social responsibility to the other employees.

In today’s world of high technology, we insist on providing a personalized and attentive service, focusing on the individual. Our professionals in career coaching take the time to establish a special and empathetic relationship with each candidate. Our services not only include practical advice but also a constant psychological support.

We assist employees at all stages of their career, whether they want to reflect on their careers, evaluate a promotion, change jobs, start their own business or transition into retirement.

In addition to helping prepare a resume, our professionals take the time to coach the employee in areas needing improvement to ensure success when undertaking a new position.

Our programs vary from three to twelve months. To provide greater success and adapt to different situations experienced by the candidates, we provide a limitless number of meetings within the program granted to the employee.

Our methodology

    1. Meet with the client to clarify the type of program to be offered to the employee.
    2. In the event of a layoff or a termination, we recommend the presence of a consultant on-site to provide support to the employee.
    3. An initial meeting in our offices. Establish relationship of trust, present the program and begin the preparation and definition of the career coaching schedule.
    4. Support in all phases of the career coaching program.
    5. Follow-up with the candidate a few weeks after he/she has started in a new position.
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