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Potential appraisal

We recommend the psychometric evaluation assessment as a complementary tool to assist the manager in the different stages in the evolution of his/her career.

Through evaluation, we can verify the skills, qualifications and competencies of a candidate for the proposed position.

Our tests have been scientifically validated and used to evaluate various criteria such as:

  • Strategic vision
  • Management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Emotional stability
  • Leadership profile
  • Personality traits
  • Professional interests, etc.

Our methodology

    1. Initially, we process in a needs analysis, collect information on the candidate and on the culture and values of the company.
    2. Communicate with the candidate. Explain the exercise.
    3. Administer the tests to the candidate. In-depth interview with the organizational psychologist.
    4. Correct the tests and analyze results in relation to the position and the needs articulated at the outset.
    5. Verbal feedback of the results to the client. Inform and discuss with the client. *
    6. Write and submit report to the client.
    7. Meet with the candidate. Communicate the results. Discussion. Present areas needing development.


* As part of a career coaching or management coaching program, oral and written feedbacks are given to the candidate.
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